YUZU, Japanese pop/folk duo, are returning to Hong Kong this November after their sold-out success in June 2016! Live Nation Lushington is thrilled to announce “YUZU Asia Tour 2017 – Utao” which will be held on 29 November (Wednesday) at Macpherson Stadium.

Tickets go on sale 7 September (Thursday) from 10am via Cityline, with prices starting from HKD580. Live Nation Lushington members can exclusively pre purchase on 6 September (Wednesday) from 10am to 11:59pm before general public. For membership sign up & enquiries, please visit www.livenationlushington.net.

Artist Information 

Formed in March 1996 by Yujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa, YUZU started to play on the streets of Isezaki-cho, Yokohama. In October 1997, they released their 1st Mini Album “Yuzunomoto”. With their empathic lyrics and striking tender melody, they attracted many people and gained attention with their 1st Single “Natsuiro” released on June 1998. They have captured nation-wide fame after their 1st Album“Yuzuikka” released in July 1998. In the same year, their last street live performance on August 30 attracted 7,000 people, and this became a catalyst for street lives to become a social phenomenon. Following up their street performances, their shows took place in concert halls and eventually progressed to the next level of arena.

In 2001, YUZU performed at TOKYO DOME for the first time. With an array of albums and classic hits released, they performed their Nissan Stadium live, “YUZU STADIUM 2005 GO HOME” in July 2005. This marked their biggest show in their history in terms of the venue capacity.

In 2007, to celebrate their 10th anniversary since debut, a memorial album “Yuzunone 1997-2007” was released in October. YUZU also held their 10th anniversary tour which included 9 shows in total. Maintaining momentum with a series of energetic activities, 2012 marked their 15th anniversary since their debut, and YUZU made a huge success with their “YUZU 15th Anniversary DOME live YUZU YOU” tour performing 4 shows at Kyocera Dome Osaka and Tokyo Dome. In the same year, they also held their first exhibition, “YUZUTEN~15th Anniversary Exhibition~” in their hometown Yokohama and attracted 20,000 people.

2013 was yet another remarkable year for YUZU when they released their 37th Single “REASON” which was the theme song of the popular animation “HUNTER×HUNTER” and their Music Clip DVD “Rokkasen 2-NI-“. They released digital single “Irotoridori” which was the theme song for 2013 U-CAN, and on May 1, their 11th studio album “LAND” was released. The album topped ORICON weekly chart and the group kicked off their nationwide arena tour “YUZU ARENA TOUR 2013 GO LAND”, which had about 300,000 fans in the attendance of the shows. On September 18, their 38th Single “Tomo~Tabidachinotoki~” and Music Clip DVD “Rokkasen LAND” were released; as well as their 39th Single “Amenochihareruya / Mamotteagetai” which included “Amenochihareruya”, the theme song of popular NHK Morning Drama serials “Gochisosan”. On December 25, they released “Hyoriittai” which was the theme song for the anime “HUNTER×HUNTER The LAST MISSION” and DVD / BD “LIVE FILMS GO LAND”. Their 11th Album “LAND” the album of the year at "55th JAPAN RECORD AWARD”.

In 2014, YUZU released their 12th studio album “Shinsekai”. Same year, nation-wide tour “YUZU ARENA TOUR 2014 Shinsekai” was announced and they performed 30 shows in 14 cities to a crowd of 300,000 people. In November, they released their DVD / BD “LIVE FILMS Shinsekai” and Music Clip DVD “Rokkasen Shinsekai”.

In 2015, new singles “OLA!!” and “Owaranaiuta” were released in April. In August, they held a head liner show “Nininnsankyaku" at Yokohama Stadium, with just the two of them performing in front of their fans. The total attendance over the two days was close to 60,000 people. Followed up to the spectacular performances, two live albums “Nininnsankyaku 2015.8.15~Green Day~” and “Ninninsankyaku 2015.8.16~Yellow Day” were released and both ranked No.1 and No.2 on the ORICON weekly chart on the same day. They started their nation-wide arena tour <LAWSON presents YUZU ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 TOWA -episode zero-> in October.

Following year in January, “TOWA” was released. In October, YUZU entered their 20th anniversary year since their debut and performed a 2-day headline show <YUZU 20th Anniversary Year Memorial Live "YUZUNOMI">, with just the two of them performing on November 26 and 27 at TOKYO DOME.

In April 2017, they released their 20th anniversary album “YUZU IROHA” with classic hits which is still holding the record of the longest selling album today. “YUZU 20th Anniversary DOME TOUR 2017 YUZU IROHA” in May and June was the best present for fans. It brought together 300,000 audiences during the 6 shows at 4 venues across Japan. In June, two EPs, “UTAOU” EP / “4LOVE”, were released in 2 consecutive weeks. And this was not the end! YUZU headlined various festivals across Japan in the summer as well.

“YUZU HALL TOUR 2017 UTAO” will kick off this autumn which shall mark the group’s first performance in 5 years since their last Hall Tour in Japan. This November, Hong Kong fans will enjoy their critically-acclaimed performance again. Don’t miss out!

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