Live Nation Lushington is proud to announce award-winning Australian indie rock band THE TEMPER TRAP, performing live in Singapore on 10 March 2017 (Friday) at The ColiseumTM, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa.

Tickets at S$118 will go on sale via all SISTIC channels on 16 January 2017 (Monday), 10am onwards.

The indie-rock veterans have performed in Singapore a few times since making their debut at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival here in 2011. They were previously in town last May to promote their latest studio album Thick As Thieves.

The Temper Trap first rose to local acclaim in Melbourne, Australia in 2006 with the release of their debut EP. Their 2009 debut album Conditions, propelled by the hit anthem ‘Sweet Disposition’, was a huge success and sold nearly a million copies worldwide. Two years later, the band delivered the self-titled album, which featured the singles ‘Trembling Hands’ and ‘Need Your Love’ and was certified platinum.

More than a million albums sold; more than 150 million streams on Spotify; arena support tours with Coldplay and the Rolling Stones; gracing the stages of Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Coachella; being nominated and winning a number of prestigious ARIA Awards in Australia, as well as receiving a nomination for best international group at the BRIT Awards. It has been a good few years for The Temper Trap.

Despite the departure of guitarist Lorenzo Sillitto in 2013, Dougy Mandagi (vocals, guitar), Toby Dundas (drums, vocals), Jonathon Aherne (bass, vocals) and Joseph Greer (keyboards, guitar, vocals) started forging ahead with the third album, and turned a negative into a positive. “We went into it then as a four piece,” says Mandagi. “And it pushed us towards certain place that we may have not gone had we still been five. It forced us to make everything leaner.”

The Temper Trap in 2016 is a consolidation of what made the band matter to people in the first place. The title Thick As Thieves seemed a natural choice. Anthemic, direct, up, emotive music, typified by the first three songs that came: ‘So Much Sky’, ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ and ‘Burn’. “Those were ones that were very much built around guitars,” says Dundas. “And that was something that we wanted to do: for it to very much be a guitar record. It doesn’t mean it can’t have other stuff – the first record had lots of other stuff bubbling away underneath – but at the heart of it, if you strip everything away, that’s the vibe.”

It is a spirit that characterises the whole album: from the first thud of its heartbeat kick drum, opener ‘Thick As Thieves’ feels like it is a big chorus waiting to explode out of a box, and when that chorus does come, this feels like a band who have discovered, or maybe re-discovered, who they truly are. The echoing, direct guitar lines and rumbling rhythm section of ‘Burn’, for example, already sound like they should be reverberating around stadiums – and like the work of a band who are unashamed about wanting to connect with as many people as possible.

Thick As Thieves is the sound of a band who have taken risks but have also re-connected with why they fell in love with music in the first place. “I look back very fondly on those times, back at the start, when we were really having to work for it,” says Mandagi. “And it feels a bit like that now. And that is really cool.”


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