• 24 SEP 2013 (TUESDAY), , HONG KONG

The Killers, when they emerged on the AsiaWorld Arena stage, the Las Vegas band were eager to please – so eager, in fact, that they launched straight into Mr Brightside, the song that essentially launched them to the heights of global rock royalty. And, presumably as planned, it set the tone for the evening – a relentless list of anthemic hits powered less by fireworks and hi-tech indulgences and more by the slick and sharp energy exuding from the band.

Flowers, regardless of what you think of his teetotalling, Mormon ways, is the consummate frontman, and over a tight 18-track-strong set, he utilised every trick in the consummate frontman book: incorporating the local language (‘Let’s count this one in together… yat, yi, yat yi sam sei’), seemingly off-the-cuff chats with the crowd, and the old call and response singalong (almost to an excessive extent).


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